DPIRD Diagnostics and Laboratory Services (DDLS) - Animal Pathology

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The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development Diagnostics and Laboratory Services (DDLS) - Animal Pathology, Western Australia (formerly DAFWA Animal Health Laboratories) provides a variety of services including testing for disease surveillance and control, testing to support export certification, development of new tests, research on livestock diseases and laboratory support for research on animal production.

Significant service disruption

Access to buildings and facilities at our South Perth facility at 3 Baron-Hay Court has been significantly restricted, disrupting DPIRD Diagnostics and Laboratory Services.

The decision to restrict access has been made based on results received from recent testing for asbestos on site.

All DDLS services are currently suspended.

For more information please view DPIRD Diagnostics and Laboratory Services web page. 

Our services

The DDLS - Animal Pathology manual describes the full range of tests offered, information on sample collection, fees for service and service fee exemptions. To discuss our range of services, call +61 (0)8 9368 3351. Our office hours are 08:30 am to 04:30 pm Monday to Friday.

All services are offered on a full cost-recovery basis in line with national competition policy. Fees and charges are reviewed annually.

Please note all DDLS services are currently suspended. See the message above. 

Fee exemptions

Service fee exemptions apply to suspect exotic and reportable diseases, specified diseases and government-approved programs and outbreaks of diseases likely to provide new information or an improved understanding of animal health in WA. See the Animal health surveillance and disease control forms webpage or contact your local DPIRD vet for details of subsidised programs.

Laboratory submission form

Submissions must be accompanied by the DDLS - Animal Pathology submission form. 

Please note DDLS is not accepting samples at the moment. See above. 

Our contact details

Physical delivery address Mailing address Telephone/fax

DPIRD Diagnostics and Laboratory Services

DDLS, Interim Lab, Building 102
3 Baron-Hay Court
South Perth 6151

DDLS - Animal Pathology
Locked Bag 4
Bentley Delivery Centre
WA 6983

+61 (0)8 9368 3351

To report suspicion of an emergency/ reportable animal disease:

  • contact your local DPIRD vet or
  • call the Emergency Animal Disease (EAD) hotline number on 1800 675 888.

Note: the EAD hotline is not for general agriculture enquiries.

NATA accreditation

DDLS - Animal Pathology is an AS ISO/IEC 17025 NATA Accredited Laboratory - Corporate Accreditation Number 13724.

DDLS - Animal Pathology is accredited in the field of veterinary testing for the following classes of tests:

  • bacteriology including aquatic bacteriology
  • microbiology (terrestrial and aquatic animals), mycology
  • other micro-organisms
  • virology
  • parasitology
  • serology of infection
  • clinical chemistry
  • biochemistry
  • toxicology
  • anatomical pathology
  • histopathology
  • prion disease lesions
  • molecular diagnostics and
  • necropsy.

Our expertise

DDLS - Animal Pathology offers a range of diagnostic, research and advisory services across a number of scientific disciplines including:

  • disease diagnosis and investigation in terrestrial and aquatic species
  • veterinary pathology - including necropsy, histopathology and electron microscopy
  • veterinary microbiology - including bacteriology, virology, mycology and mycobacteriology
  • veterinary biochemistry - including analytical services in clinical chemistry, nutrition and toxicology
  • veterinary parasitology
  • veterinary molecular diagnostics.

Our testing services support:

  • diagnosis of disease in domestic animals, wildlife and aquatic species for both private and government clients
  • health certification of animals destined for live export from Australia
  • disease status testing of animals imported to WA
  • control of endemic animal diseases
  • targeted surveillance to support risk assessment and zone freedom from animal diseases in WA
  • research and development capability to support animal health and production programs.

How DDLS submission results may be used

Results from investigations will contribute to the DDLS database and may be contributed to national animal health surveillance databases held by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry and Animal Health Australia to validate national declarations of animal disease freedoms to support export trade.

DPIRD reserves the right to disclose the test results and any other relevant information to the appropriate authorities in WA, or in any other jurisdiction where DPIRD is aware that the test results or other relevant information:

  • indicates the presence of a disease listed by the national Animal Health Committee as a disease which should be reportable
  • must, or should, be disclosed to the relevant agency in the public interest.

DDLS - Animal Pathology regularly contributes to the following national surveillance systems that support international trade in livestock and livestock products:

  • National Animal Health Information System (NAHIS)
  • National Arbovirus Monitoring Program (NAMP)
  • National Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies Surveillance Program (NTSESP).

DPIRD reserves the right to (not restricted to) store, archive and test the specimens by whatever means and for whatever purpose it deems necessary, and/or supply the same sample or portion thereof to any other individual or agency required or deemed suitable.

DDLS terms and conditions

To view the terms and conditions relating to submissions to DDLS, please refer to the webpage: DDLS terms and conditions.