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Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia (DAFWA) has formal links to national breeding programs for lupins, pulses and oats. DAFWA also has significant research inputs in pre-breeding for wheat and barley, supporting the development of new varieties for Western Australia and national grain growers, with particular emphasis on frost, drought and salinity.

The National Apple Breeding Program based at DAFWA, has produced the Cripps Pink (known as Pink Lady) and Cripps Red (Sundowner) with research into more great varieties being undertaken.

DAFWA is working to select better strawberries for the Western Australian industry.


  • Variety choice and variety management are key factors for profitable wheat production and this 'essentials' guide provides a guide to assist with these decisions.

  • With so many new wheat varieties out there, you may be scratching your head over which variety to choose for next season.

  • Are you considering using a different wheat variety in your rotation this season? Do you know which herbicides are likely to affect the potential yield of the crop?

  • The Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia's Milling oat variety guide for Western Australia 2017 provides a comparison of yield, grain quality, herbicide tolerance and disease resis

  • Making the best wheat variety decision for your location is imperative to running a successful cropping enterprise.

  • How will you manage your barley varieties to maximise your profit this season?

  • Recent research from the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia's barley agronomy team has busted the myth that increasing the seed rate of barley will significantly decrease the qua

  • PBA Jurien is a high yielding Australian sweet lupin variety suitable for all lupin growing areas of Australia and it provides a significant yield improvement over current varieties in most of thes

  • Assisting barley growers to make the right variety decision for their farming system.

  • Two types of fresh beans are grown in Western Australia — climbing or runner beans, and dwarf or French beans.


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