Our organisational structure

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development - Agriculture and Food is led by a Deputy Director General and incorporates five directorates. The directorates are structured to support the Western Australian (WA) agrifood sector's principal industry types and biosecurity and regulation activities, all underpinned by business support. Each directorate is headed by an Executive Director and includes business areas guided by a senior leadership team.

Organisational structure and senior leadership team

Office of the A/Deputy Director General

A/Deputy Director General Mark Sweetingham
Audit and Integrity Alexandra Filipe
Strategy and Governance Cath Lyons

Biosecurity and Regulation

A/Executive Director Mia Carbon
Animal Welfare Regulation Sarah Kahn
Border Biosecurity Greg Pickles
DAFWA Diagnostic Laboratory Services (Acting) Andrew Hughes
Invasive Species Viv Read
Livestock Biosecurity Peter Gray
Plant Biosecurity Shashi Sharma
Regulatory Policy and Standards Andrew Gregory

Business Support

Executive Director Jim Eftos
Communications and Promotion Scott Heffernan
Emergency Management Capability Sarah Plant
Finance Mandy Taylor
Information Trevor Nullmeyers
Legal and Commercial Felicity Heffernan
People Kim Waller
Projects and Contracts George Nunn

Grains and Livestock Industries

Executive Director Peter Metcalfe
Beef Industry Development Brad McCormick
Food and Agribusiness Development Courtney Draper
Regional Operations and Business Development, Central Region Pam I'Anson
Regional Operations and Business Development, Southern Region Neil Guise
Sheep Industry Development Bruce Mullan

Grains R&D Transformation

A/Executive Director Jason Moynihan
Grains R&D Business Development (Acting) Katherine Smart
Grains Research and Innovation (Acting) Kerry Regan

Irrigated Agriculture

Executive Director John Ruprecht
Horticulture Science and Industry Development (Vacant)
Irrigation Development and Agribusiness (Acting) Vicki McAllister
Land and Water Assessment Melanie Strawbridge
Regional Operations and Business Development, Northern Region (Vacant)

Contact information

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