Western Australia’s fruit growing industries extend from Kununurra in the far north to Albany on the cool south coast.

The Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia works closely with industry to improve efficiency and increase returns from the farm gate to export markets.

Strawberries are the highest value export, supplying around two-thirds of the Australian total. Key markets in the last year were Singapore and New Zealand followed by Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates.

Steady growth is occurring in the avocado, citrus and mango industries due to additional plantings and efficient production.


  • 23 November 2015

    Fruit flies (family Tephritidae) attack a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

  • 9 September 2014

    Apple scab or black spot is caused by the fungus Venturia inaequalis.

  • 6 January 2017

    Citrus leafminer, Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton, is the only leafminer attacking citrus in Australia.

  • 13 October 2015

    Mealybugs (family Pseudococcidae) are oval-shaped, segmented, soft-bodied insects covered with white, mealy wax. They are often found between touching fruit, under the calyx or in the 'navels' of o

  • 4 March 2016

    Fruit must meet minimum quality levels to meet consumer expectations and encourage return purchases.

  • 21 December 2016

    Growing an orchard can give immense satisfaction — especially when consuming the ripened end product.

  • 20 September 2016

    An efficient irrigator uses a systematic approach to ensure the irrigation system is delivering water evenly, that schedules meet plant demand, and fine-tunes irrigations to suit the soil and crop

  • 8 November 2016

    Four species of aphids on citrus are recorded in Australia but only two occur in Western Australia, the brown/black citrus aphid Toxoptera citricidus (Kirkaldy) and spiraea aphid, Aphi

  • 21 February 2014

    Thrips (Thysanoptera) are small, slender, soft-bodied insects, just visible to the naked eye.

  • 18 January 2017

    Many new orange varieties have become available in recent years including an early maturing navel and a range of blood oranges.


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