MyCrop is a collection of interactive tools that bring crop diagnostics to the paddock.

Use the online tools to:

  • Diagnose problems in your wheat, barley, canola, lupin, oat and field peas crops and provide possible remedies
  • Estimate whether you are reaching your wheat yield potential as determined by rainfall with the Wheat Yield Constraint Calculator
  • Use MySoil to identify your soil type and provide information about key soil issues.

Download a range of apps onto your smart phone or tablet.

  • The MyCrop suite has been expanded to include an individual app for each crop type; wheat, barley, canola, oat and pulses, making five apps in total.
  • Each app has an individual diagnostic tool to identify production constraints.
  • The MyCrop Barley and MyCrop Wheat apps includes a variety selector based on the barley and wheat variety sowing guides for Western Australia. Growers can choose appropriate varieties for their Agzone and desired yield and disease traits.


This key uses Lucid software to identify problems caused by pests, plant diseases, soil deficiencies, environmental, weather and management in factors a wheat crop.

When doing an identification it is best to start with the most obvious clues first.

Wheat yield constraint calculator, is a simple tool to calculate yield potential and compare your paddocks performance over a number of years.

To aid you in the use of the tool view the YouTube video

MySoil is a simple diagnostic tool designed to improve identification of soil types.

It uses the Lucid software to aid you in soil identification

To aid you in the use of the tool view the YouTube video

Development Officer Kelly Ryan discusses how the MyCrop app can be used in the July edition of the GroundCover series by GRDC.

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Bringing diagnostics to the paddock
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