Protecting WA crops

The DAFWA Crop Protection team have been busy updating the eWeed newsletter to bring you a bigger and better format: Protecting WA Crops.

Protecting WA crops is our new monthly eNewsletter providing agronomists and growers with an up-to-date review (including the latest research) of the weed, disease and pest threats that impact on crop production.

Protecting WA Crops May 2020 Issue 17

•    Weed seed banks-how long do they last?
•    Great brome and barley grass – modelling the long term value of harvest weed seed control
•    A new approach to managing loose smut on barley
•    ‘Give me a break!’ – options for paddocks infested with both root lesion nematodes...

Protecting WA Crops December Issue 16

•    Disease surveillance and reporting
•    Exotic pathogens 
•    Ramularia Leaf Spot (RLS) detected through surveillance program
•    Endemic pathogens
•    Virus surveillance
•    Spore trapping
•    PestFax Reporter and MyPestGuide Reporter - Which app do I use...

Protecting WA Crops November 2019 Issue 14

•    Management of weed seeds at harvest 
•    Harvest weed seed destruction/control
•    Factors affecting weed seed removal
•    Harvest weed seed destruction – Does it work for great brome and barley grass?
•    Summer weeds

Protecting WA Crops July 2019 Issue 13

•    What is wheat powdery mildew and how does it impact on WA crops?
•    Symptoms of wheat powdery mildew
•    Investigating WPM virulence

Protecting WA Crops October 2018 Issue 13

• Cereal root diseases identification snapshot
• Checking for root diseases
• Confirmation of diagnosis
• Common soilborne diseases which cause patchy cereal crops
• Common soilborne diseases which cause whiteheads in cereals
• PREDICTA B accreditation course
• Flow...

Protecting WA Crops August 2018 Issue 12

•    Root Lesion Nematodes: the invisible threat
•    What are Root lesion nematodes (RLN)?
•    Root lesion nematode distribution in WA
•    Diagnosing RLN in your paddocks
•    DDLS
•    Managing RLN
•    Are rotations offering breaks for RLN...

Protecting WA Crops July 2018, Issue 11

•    Apps and technologies issue
•    CropScout
•    SnapBait
•    SnapCard
•    Apps to manage Blackleg and Sclerotinia in Canola
•    Sclerotinia Imaging System
•    PestFax Reporter and MyPestGuide Reporter - Which app do I use to report pests with?
•    ...

Protecting WA Crops May 2018 Issue 10

Viruses survive in the green bridge
Aphid transmission
Pea seed-borne mosaic virus (PSbMV)
Bean yellow mosaic virus (BYMV)
Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV)
Sub clover red leaf syndrome
Impact of insecticide use on severity of SCRLS – some grower observations

Protecting WA Crops Issue 9 March 2018

• Crop density
• Other potential impacts of crop row spacing on canola
• Crop row spacing
• Crop row orientation
• Soil amelioration
• Inversion ploughing
• Deeper deep ripping – what are the effects on weeds

Protect WA Crops February 2018

• Research Updates 2018
• Are you considering harvest weed seed destruction in 2018? Here are a few more things to think about
• New app’s for the WA grains industry - Crop Scout, Blackleg CM, Sclerotinia
• Barley leaf rust
• Emerging weeds
• Herbicide tolerance in oats...

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