Protecting WA crops

The DAFWA Crop Protection team have been busy updating the eWeed newsletter to bring you a bigger and better format: Protecting WA Crops.

Protecting WA crops is our new monthly eNewsletter providing agronomists and growers with an up-to-date review (including the latest research) of the weed, disease and pest threats that impact on crop production.

Protecting WA Crops issue 38, April 2024

•    Sclerotinia in Canola update: Current Understanding, Emerging Opportunities, and Knowledge Gaps
•    Response of barley varieties to disease and the 2023 season
•    Meet Crop Protection team member – Andrea Hills

Protecting WA Crops Issue 37, March 2024

•    Lessons learned from 5 years of monitoring diamondback moths and larvae across the five port zones of WALessons learned from 5 years of monitoring diamondback moths and larvae across the five   port zones of WA
•    Meet Crop protection team member – Bec Severtson

Protecting WA Crops Issue 36, February 2024

•    The elusive Dongara weevil damaging canola crops in WA’s Mid West
•    Meet Crop Protection team leader - Helen Spafford

Protecting WA Crops Issue 35, November 2023

•    Modelling to increase understanding of Ascochyta blight aggressiveness in chickpea crops
•    Meet Crop Protection team member – Dr Rodrigo Pires

Protecting WA Crops Issue 34, October 2023

•    Does electric weed control work on herbicide resistant weeds?
•    Meet the Crop protection team – Miranda Slaven

Protecting WA Crops Issue 33, September 2023

•    Aphid and Turnip Yellows Virus Management: Research Highlights
•    Meet Crop Protection team member- Janette Pratt

Protecting WA Crops Issue 32, August 2023

•    Sclerotinia management for narrow leaf lupin crops 
•    Meet Crop Protection team member - Ciara Beard

Protecting WA Crops Issue 31, July 2023

•    New project to reduce Rhizoctonia impact in low and medium rainfall zones
•    Meet Crop Protection team member - Dr Ahmed Saad


Protecting WA Crops Issue 30, May 2023

•    Impact of fungicide product, rotation and timing on Net form net blotch in Planet barley in southern WA
•    Economical management of Spot form net blotch in low rainfall environments: using less susceptible varieties makes sense
•    Meet crop protection team member- Jason...

Protecting WA Crops Issue 29, April 2023

•    How long do Sclerotinia sclerotia survive in WA? Decision support tools to help with on-farm management of blackleg and sclerotinia in canola
•    Insecticidal control of green peach aphid and turnip yellows virus: resistance threats, limitations, and future alternatives
•    Meet...


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