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Ovine Observer is a quarterly newsletter on issues relating to sheep production and research. It features articles written by DAFWA researchers and industry leaders. Online subscription to Ovine Observer is free.

Ovine Observer #102 April 2024

1. Comparison of udder and teat traits in merino ewes recorded at lambing
2. Using lupins and the ram effect to improve reproductive performance in Merino ewes in southern Australia
3. Transitioning to electronic identification (eID) for sheep and goats
4. Managing feed and water...

Ovine Observer #101 December 2023

In this issue:

1. Predicting lambing dates using ewe-ram interactions

2. Preliminary evaluation of the impact of visual traits on lifetime ewe performance

3. 2023 Southern WA sheep reproductive rates based on pregnancy scanning

4. A big thank you to participants in...

Ovine Observer #100 September 2023

In this issue:

1. Edition 100 of the Ovine Observer
2. Opportunties using eID - Tahara case study
3. Coxiella burnetii (Q-fever) in Australian breeding ewes
4. Lupinosis in sheep
5. Dry season response 2023
6. Seasonal Updates

Ovine Observer #99 June 2023

In this issue:

1. Causes of abortion and lamb mortality for maiden ewes in WA
2. Ultrawide band microwave scanning precisely and accurately predicts sheepmeat hot carcase GR tissue depth
3. Improving farm productivity with better carcase feedback
4. Saltland Genie Web App...

Ovine Observer #98 March 2023

In this issue:

1. Sheep abortion and stillbirth investigation at Australian veterinary laboratories
2. A review of the revered Sarah Esme Blumer and her contribution to sheep science
3. Changes in pain relief availability for lamb marking
4. FEED365 and FutureSheep field...

Ovine Observer #97 December 2022

In this issue:

1. The WA NLIS Sheep and Goat Advisory Group – 12 months on
2. Abortion and lamb mortality between pregnancy scanning and marking for maiden ewes
3. 2021 and 2022 Southern WA sheep reproductive rates based on pregnancy scanning data
4. Making the move to non-...

Ovine Observer Issue number # 96 October 2022

In this issue:

1. Pregnancy scanning increases profit for all flocks and times of lambing

2. Lower Reproductive Rate and Lamb Survival Contribute to Lower Lamb Marking Rate in Maiden Ewes Compared to Multiparous Ewes

3. Is hemp a suitable forage for sheep?

4. Do you...

Ovine Observer Issue number # 95 June 2022

In this issue:

1. An economic analysis of sheep flock structures for mixed enterprise Australian farm businesses

2. MLA Tedera Demonstration 2020-2023

3. Using scanned fetal numbers to inform reproduction trait performance in the MERINOSELECT Evaluation

4. Pain relief...

Ovine Observer Issue number # 94 December 2021

In this issue:

1. Proximity sensors provide an effective, accurate and cheap alternative for measuring dam pedigree of lambs in Australian sheep flocks

2. DXA calibration at WAMMCO, Katanning

3. WA NLIS Sheep and Goat advisory group established

4. Optional sheep...

Ovine Observer Issue number # 93 September 2021

In this issue:

1. Inheritance of breech strike, neck wrinkles, dags and breech cover over the lifetime of crutched Merino ewes in a Mediterranean environment

2. Tools to reduce the risk of flystrike in sheep on your farm

3. Southern WA sheep reproductive rates based on...


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