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Ovine Observer

Ovine Observer is a quarterly newsletter on issues relating to sheep production and research. It features articles written by DAFWA researchers and industry leaders. Online subscription to Ovine Observer is free.

Ovine Observer January 2019

This edition includes articles on:
WA Sheep producer survey results for 2018
Lamb survival initiative results for 2017
Dry ageing sheep meat for a premium product
How important is odour in attracting blowflies?
South West Western Australia Sheep density

Ovine Observer October 2018 Issue #84

This edition includes articles on:
Breech strike genetics
Southern WA reproductive rates based on pregnancy scanning
Best practices for control of winter scour worms in prime lambs in Western Australia
Liveweight profile during the reproductive cycle influences carryover...

Ovine Observer Issue #83

This edition includes articles on grazing cereal crops during a tough break to the season, Southern WA reproductive rates based on pregnancy scanning, ​the minimal palatability difference from grain versus grass fed lambs and oxygen levels needed to keep meat red in modified...

Ovine Observer March 2018 #82

This edition includes articles on whether to shear or not shear in winter, the rise in popularity of ASBVs, an overview of the Merino lifetime productivity project and whether 'aunts' interfere in large lambing mobs.

Ovine Observer January 2018 #81

This edition includes articles on comparing the 2015 & 2016 Lamb Survival Initiative, a look at the difference between a value and supply chain, DNA flock profiles working to grow confidence in ASBVs and pedigree sensor technology.

Ovine Observer September 2017 #80

This edition includes articles on the results of the 2016 Lamb Survival Initiative, the potential for dual energy x-ray absorptiometry to predict lamb age, predicting lamb composition from carcase weight and tissue depth and whether wormy sheep get worried.

Ovine Observer June 2017 #79

This edition includes articles on the autumn stocktake on the Katanning resource flocks, cultural preferences for intramuscular fat in sheepmeat, opportunities for sheep enterprise expansion and a study on low growth Merino lambs mobilising more fat during feed deprivation.

Ovine Observer March 2017 #78

This edition includes part 2 of a series on improving lamb survival by reducing mob size and stocking rate, information on Dual Energy X-ray analysis (DEXA) of carcass composition, body condition score as a selection tool for worm control using Targeted Selective Treatment and using walk-over-...

Ovine Observer December 2016 #77

This edition includes exerpts of the Lamb survival and Comparative analysis of mixed enterprise reports and articles about the effects of carb-loading for ewe lamb reproduction and intramuscular fat percentage in lamb meat.


Ovine Observer October 2016 #76

This edition consists of papers that were presented at the 2016 Sheep Updates held on Tuesday 30 August 2016 at the University Club in Crawley (UWA).

Ovine Observer is funded by the State Government’s Royalties for Regions Sheep Industry Business Innovation project.

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