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Abul Hashem
Principal Research Officer (Weed Science)

My role is to lead research and extension on weed management in grain crops in WA, with emphasis on Integrated Weed Management (IWM) - including herbicide resistance, herbicide efficacy, emerging weeds, weed biology and...

Adrian Cox
Project Officer

I am responsible for the technical operations at the New Genes for New Environments facilities at Merredin and Katanning. I work with research organisations conducting field trials at the facilities to ensure we meet...

Alex Edward
Policy Officer

I work on behalf of DAFWA to ensure government policy works to improve the efficiency and productivity of the grains industry. I am also a Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator. I provide support to project managers to...

Alex Douglas
Research Officer, Integrated Weed Management

I am Project Manager of the DAFWA Integrated Weed Management project. The IWM project spans the WA grainbelt and the project team is located in four regional centres. This project focuses on Research and Development...

alice butler
Development Officer (Crop Protection Agronomy)

My role is to help build capacity within DAFWA for local research issues as well as work with growers and grower groups to ensure research is being translated into better practice.

Andrea Hills
Research Officer

As a research officer for cereal and oilseed pathology I run a regional trial program via two GRDC projects that addresses national, state and regional disease issues, including collaborative work with universities,...

Andrew Blake
Development Officer

I am a Development Officer working on the MyCrop project.  The MyCrop products include a suite of diagnostic apps for wheat, barley, canola, lupins and field peas and will soon include oat crops.  These apps can assist...

Andrew van Burgel

I work as a biometrician (statistician) and my role involves working with staff from a wide range of projects to support accurate analysis and interpretation of data collected from experiments and other sources.  I also...

Angelo Loi
Senior Research Scientist

I conduct research to develop new pasture legume cultivars and species and work on pasture agronomy. I work with growers to increase the sustainability of the medium and low rainfall mixed farming zone of southern...

Art Diggle
Senior Research Officer

I am Science and Innovation Leader of the WA Government's Royalties for Regions - $10M eConnected Grainbelt Project. Through this project I will help connect grain growers to the information they need to make profitable...


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