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Kate Pritchett
Research Officer

I am a Research Officer in the Livestock Industries directorate, primarily working in the sheep and cattle industries. My core duties include industry analysis, forecasting and modelling of Western Australian livestock...

Katherine Smart
Project Manager, Grains R&D entity Business Operations

I am responsible for the Grains R&D Business Development portfolio and also lead the $20M Royalties for Regions funded 'Boosting Grains R&D' project.  This focusses on the development of new infrastructure, new...

Kawsar Salam
Research Officer

I work in the crop disease modelling and forecasting group. My main responsibility is to develop risk models highlighting the seasonal impacts of diseases in grain crops. This information is used in WA and other states...

Kerry Regan
Director, Grains Research and Innovation (Acting)

I manage the directorate’s four R&D portfolios, which focus on improving grain productivity and profitability for sustainable farming systems in WA. The portfolios include crop protection (disease, pest and weed...

Kith Jayasena
Research Officer, Plant Pathology

I joined the Albany district office in 1999 as a cereal pathologist. My research is focused on understanding the causes of major foliar diseases common to wheat and barley in the region and my work is supported by the...

kylie chambers
Development Officer (Crop Protection Agronomy)

I am a Development Officer in crop protection agronomy, based in Merredin, for the Regional Research Agronomy Project funded by DPIRD, GRDC and Royalties for Regions. My work focuses on collaborating with grower groups...

Laura Fagan - Team member
Development Officer

My current role involves developing mobile applications (MyPestGuide™) to support the collection of e-surveillance data and provide evidence of pest absence.  This evidence will be used to develop and maintain continued...

Headshot of Lewis Mavrantonis
Rural Business Development Unit, Project Manager (Acting)

I am the Project Manager of the Rural Business Development Unit (RBDU) at the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia (DAFWA). The RBDU designs, develops, and administers schemes of assistance for farming...

Manisha Shankar
Senior Plant Pathologist

I am a Senior Plant Pathologist at DPIRD and an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the University of Western Australia. My program focuses on enhancing resistance to foliar diseases of wheat through the development of genetic...

Marc Widmer
Senior Technical Officer

I manage the European wasp program, successful in keeping this pest from establishing in WA for 39 years.  I am also involved in Community Surveillance and have extensive experience in public address and media liaison...

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