Biological control

Biological control of pests, weeds and diseases (pest) is an integral part of a successful Integrated Pest Management plan. Biological control is the management of a pest through the use of their natural enemies (biological control agent). A biological control agent is an organism such as a virus, insect or plant disease. The Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia:

  • works with landholders and grower/community/biosecurity groups on control.
  • provides diagnostic services and information on prevention, management and treatment.
  • provides biosecurity measures to prevent introduction, and to eradicate or manage current pests.

If you need advice on biological control please search our website or contact our Pest and Disease Information Service (PaDIS).


  • The national release of a Korean strain of Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus, known as RHDV1 K5 took place during the first week of March 2017.

  • The disease ratings for wheat varieties help decide what variety is best suited. Just as paddocks have differing disease and management histories, varieties have differing resistance levels.

  • The dock moth (Chamaesphecia doryliformis) is a clearwing moth originally from Morocco.

  • Sterile insect technique is a biological control method that helps reduce broad-spectrum chemical treatments.

  • This article provides information on the use of biological control agents for declared plants in Western Australia.

  • Beneficials are insects and pathogens that kill crop pests, they are also referred to as 'natural enemies' or 'biological control agents' of pests.

  • This article contains useful information about Paterson's curse (Echium plantagineum), how to identify it and biological control agents.

  • Recommendations for the control of declared plants in Western Australia (WA).

  • Control methods for opuntioid cacti, declared pests in Western Australia. Report the presence of this organism if it's legal status is prohibited before undertaking a control measure.

  • Control method for mesquite (Prosopis species) declared pests in Western Australia. Report the presence of this organism before undertaking a control measure.