Emergency response

Under State Emergency Management arrangements the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia (DAFWA) is the Hazard Management Agency (HMA) for emergency management of significant:

  • animal pest or disease
  • plant pest or disease.

DAFWA has a lead role in emergency prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.

Depending on the type and severity, an outbreak could cause significant damage to property, the environment and harm humans and industry.


  • 28 August 2017

    A pest risk assessment of pests with reported occurrences in Australia but which have not established in Western Australia (WA) found 45 pests that were considered priority pest threats to the viti

  • 28 August 2017

    In 2015, a review of pest organisms recorded in Australia with an association with grapevines, identified over 250 that have not yet established in Western Australia.

  • 1 February 2017

    Proper management of animals during a bushfire is dependent on being prepared and having proper plans in place for fire response and recovery.

  • 21 December 2016

    Following an emergency event, efforts should be concentrated on returning animals to their properties in good health. These include livestock, horses, companion animals and wildlife.

  • 21 December 2016

    It is the responsibility of landholders to ensure that animals are kept safe in the event of an emergency.

  • 21 December 2016

    It is the responsibility of landholders to properly plan for emergencies in order to keep their animals safe. These include livestock, horses, companion animals and wildlife.

  • 14 July 2017

    Asian longhorned beetle (Anoplophora glabripennis) is a wood-boring pest that usually targets deciduous hardwood trees such as elm, willow, poplar, maple and a variety of fruit trees.

  • 22 July 2016

    DDLS - Plant pathology (formerly part of AGWEST Plant Laboratories) is a service area under the DAFWA Diagnostic Laboratory Services (DDLS) - an amalgamation of DAFWA plant and animal laboratory an

  • 28 August 2017

    Surveillance and diagnosis for pests and diseases in the Western Australian grape industry is a transformational project aiming to boost the early detection of exotic pests and disease incursions a

  • 21 September 2017

    The Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act 2007 requires that certain diseases must be reported to the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development if they are known or su

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