Biosecurity alert: Brown marmorated stink bug

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Businesses and residents in the Jandakot area are asked to keep an eye out for Brown marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha halys) following detection in imported cargo at a local warehouse.

BMSB is not present in Australia. It is not a risk to human health but poses a risk to agricultural crops, and is regarded a nuisance pest, often seeking shelter in homes and vehicles in large numbers.

The department is encouraging residents and businesses in the area to become involved in a community response by looking for the bug, and reporting anything unusual.

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Response activities

Brown marmorated stink bugs (BMSB) were found in imported cargo in February 2018, at a warehouse in the Perth suburb of Jandakot.

The warehouse and cargo were fumigated by the Federal Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. DPIRD commenced surveillance in the area close to the warehouse, using specialised traps and lures.

DPIRD officers visited all properties within a 200m radius of the detection to provide information on this pest, and seek interest in hosting a trap. Where no-one was home, a contact card was left, with advice to contact DPIRD on 9368 3080 if interested in hosting a trap.

Further targetted surveillance is ongoing. DPIRD officers are clearly identifiable by uniform and are carrying photo identification. Support staff are also carrying photo ID. More than 200 traps have been deployed.   

A community awareness campaign within a 5km radius of the detection is underway to encourage residents and businesses to look for the pest and report any suspect sightings. This has included providing some local schools, libraries and businesses with fact sheets, a poster and a flyer on how to make a trap - to make available to the local public.

Please call us on 9368 3080 if you are interested in having flyers and a poster at your business or community location.

What to look for

BMSB is a voracious feeder with an extensive host range. Residents and businesses close to the detection are being asked to inspect gardens, homes and vegetation, and report anything unusual through MyPestGuide or to our Pest and Disease Information Service on 9360 3080. Some tips for looking:

  • Know how to recognise BMSB (see description below). If you see something similar or are unsure, please report.
  • Look for any unusual stink bugs on your plants or feeding damage.
  • Look for unusual aggregations of stink bugs in or on buildings.
  • They are attracted to light, and may be found in areas that are well lit at night.
  • They could possibly be found in spider webs near light sources.

Businesses handling imported goods, particularly from Italy and the United States, should also be on the lookout for BMSB. Anyone finding this pest (dead or alive) while unpacking imported goods should secure the package, not move it and report it quickly to the See.Secure.Report national hotline on 1800 798 636.

TO NOTE: BMSB looks similar to native Australian stink bugs but is larger. Look for checkerboard markings on its lower back and white bands on its antennae. 


Information video

Brown marmorated stink bug - information video.mp4

Make your own trap

Get involved in our community response by making your own trap. It is simple, cheap and a fun activiity for children. Download the 'make a trap' flyer and video from this page for instructions.

As of 27 March 2018 DPIRD has placed more than 200 specially designed BMSB traps within a 5km radius of the detection point. DPIRD staff are checking the traps regularly. If you come across our surveillance traps in Jandakot and surrounding areas, please leave them be as they are playing an important role in the search for BMSB.

Traps fitted with lights are used to attract Brown marmorated stink bug 

What happens if I find something in my trap?

  • Put trap, with bug still inside, into the freezer for at least 5 minutes - this will immobilise it.
  • Remove the bug from the trap to take a photo.
  • Place the bug back in the trap and contact us via our reporting options.

BMSB home-made trap tutorial

Reporting options

If you suspect you have seen BMSB:

Contact information

Pest and Disease Information Service (PaDIS)
+61 (0)8 9368 3080