Biosecurity alerts: Brown marmorated stink bug updates

Page last updated: Tuesday, 4 October 2022 - 1:53pm

About BMSB

BMSB looks similar to native Australian stink bugs but is larger. Look for checkerboard markings on its lower back and white bands on its antennae.

BMSB can be confused with a number of other brown coloured stinkbugs that are present in Australia, except they are larger (12–17mm long) and have distinctive markings. If you are unsure, report anyway.

  • 12-17mm
  • Shield shaped

  • Brownish with pale and dark marblikng pattern

  • Sides with alternate black and white markings

  • Pale bands on antennae

  • Five nymph stages that range from less than 3mm to 12mm long, with varying descriptions.

BMSB needs to be kept out of Australia, as it causes major damage to fruit and vegetable crops and ornamental plants. It feeds on a wide range of more than 300 plant species and its saliva causes significant damage to plant tissues, reducing both yield and marketability.

It is not a risk to human health, but can be a nuisance, with huge numbers entering vehicles, homes and factories for shelter over winter.

Learn more here or watch the video below.

Brown marmorated stink bug - information video.mp4

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