We aim to create a progressive, innovative and profitable agriculture and food sector that benefits Western Australia.

We support the success of our state’s agrifood businesses through services and partnerships that help increase industry profitability and sustainability, while safeguarding our state’s precious natural resources.

DAFWA drives the economic development of the agriculture and food sector in Western Australia (WA), with a focus on export-led growth. We also undertake research, development and extension activities with partners around Australia and throughout the world to harness the best knowledge and technical excellence available.

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Webinar - Recognising Russian Wheat Aphid in crops



Please report absence of Russian wheat aphid
Diamondback moth caterpillars in canola
Vegetable weevil...

June 2016

This June edition; introduces a program aiming to deliver concise reports on WA grape production, researchers...

June 2016

Check paddocks for cereal damage, after Russian wheat aphid found in South Australia
Research examines...

June 2016

Russian wheat aphid update and cereal aphid activity in WA
PestFax reporter app is successfully used for...

June 2016

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699 Seven Days Road
Manjimup WA 6258
272 Bussell Hwy
Margaret River WA

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