We aim to create a progressive, innovative and profitable agriculture and food sector that benefits Western Australia.

We support the success of our state’s agrifood businesses through services and partnerships that help increase industry profitability and sustainability, while safeguarding our state’s precious natural resources.

DAFWA drives the economic development of the agriculture and food sector in Western Australia (WA), with a focus on export-led growth. We also undertake research, development and extension activities with partners around Australia and throughout the world to harness the best knowledge and technical excellence available.

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Look out for rusts in wheat
Aphids, to spray or not to spray?

August 2015

Look out for rusts in wheat

August 2015

Look out for rust
Powdery mildew
Sclerotinia north and south
Oats are getting diseases as well...

August 2015

Rust reports
Beet western yellows virus in canola
Powdery mildew reports
Wheat streak mosaic virus...

August 2015

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