State Barrier Fence

Western Australia's State Barrier Fence plays an important role in preventing animal pests such as wild dogs and emus from moving into the State's agricultural areas from Unallocated Crown Land and pastoral areas in the north and east.

The State Barrier Fence is a major program within the Western Australian Wild Dog Action Plan.

At 1,206 km in length, the State Barrier Fence extends from the Zuytdorp cliffs north of Kalbarri (in the state’s north) through to Jerdacuttup, east of Ravensthorpe (in the state’s south).

A project to extend the State Barrier Fence to enclose Esperance and the south-eastern agricultural area is currently underway. Once complete the Esperance extension to the State Barrier Fence will extend over 1,800 km.

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development is responsible for managing the maintenance and construction of the State Barrier Fence.

Access and travel within the State Barrier Fence reserve is restricted. Anyone seeking access must apply for consent to access the State Barrier Fence reserve and obtain written consent from the department. Unauthorised vehicles could be fined up to $10,000.  

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