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Grains Convo May 2024

National collaboration to enhance snail management solutions
New barley gene for shorter, high yielding crops
National Hay Agronomy project aims to elevate Australia's oaten hay exports 
Tackling Heterodera Australis in Australian cereals
Meet the lupin disease team

Grains Convo March 2024

Project targets traits for enhanced wheat yields, strengthening against frost
DPIRD experiment reveals the best techniques for water repellent sand at Moora
Empowering growers with tools to assist with disease management options
New soil management options lift crop yields in WA’s...

Grains Convo February 2024

Soil innovation drives increases in crop yield
Progress in Canola Sclerotinia management research
DPIRD research addresses trade-off between emissions and profitability
DPIRD speakers at GRDC Research Updates - Perth
Industry news and update

Grains Convo January 2024

Research aims to boost oat resistance against Septoria blotch in Western Australia 
Strengthening wheat crops against frost
Transforming soil for enhanced crop vitality 
Defeating BYDV: Innovating barley varieties for crop resilience
Meet the Double Haploid team

Grains Convo November 2023

Annual Crop Sowing Guide provides comprehensive advice and information
Promising alternatives to Glyphosate for summer weed control identified in recent study

Grains Convo October 2023

Electric weed control project marks second year
Research collaboration investigates status of soil acidity in the Avon River Basin
Gene-based molecular markers to improve genetic gains in challenging environments
Unlocking WA soils' potential: Maintaining benefits of soil...

Grains Convo September 2023

Wheat's multi-foliar disease resistance genomics 
Tackling Rhizoctonia in low and medium rainfall zones 
Unique genetic adaptive genes identified in new barley study 
Investigating the effects of soil amelioration on weed management in WA’s Wheatbelt  
DPIRD scientists tackle...

Grains Convo August 2023

New ebook provides essential insights and strategies for dealing with gravel soils in WA
Impact of long coleoptile wheat and seeding depth on ameliorated soils 
Sclerotinia infection surges in Kwinana port zone, DPIRD research shows
Genetic, genomic tools and soil management...

Grains Convo June 2023

Mitigating pre-emergent herbicide damage on ameliorated soils
Neo barley variety to elevate Australia grains production
Strategies for the effective control of brome grass
Fertiliser strategies for crop growth in re-engineered soil
Pipeline paving the way for improved...

Grains Convo May 2023

Latest news and updates on DPIRD Grain's research findings
Getting the most from your liming program
Mission to identify an incognito weevil
Bang for your buck growing canola in the high rainfall zone
Discovering resistance to yellow spot
Possible insecticide resistance...

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