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New ebook provides essential insights and strategies for dealing with gravel soils in WA 

Impact of gravel on soil properties
Impact of gravel on soil properties

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Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) 

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Tools and strategies for gravel soils showcased in ebook

Growers keen to learn more on the latest science and best practice surrounding gravel soils are in luck, with the release of the latest edition of the Soil Quality ebook

Gravel soil makes up 24 per cent of land used for crop production in southern Western Australia (WA), but until recently these unique soils have received less attention in comparison to other soil types. 

Gravel soil can present a number of challenges that can have a big impact on farming practices, which can limit both water and nutrient use efficiency. 

DPIRD Soil Science and Crop Nutrition portfolio manager Chris Gazey said the latest ebook was a valuable resource for WA growers because it explains the distribution and properties of gravel soil in WA, the impact on soil properties, processes and plant growth, how to determine and assess gravel soil and integrats current knowledge into management within an agricultural context. 

"The new ebook provides important tools and strategies that growers and industry can utilise,” he said. 

“I strongly encourage you to download these free to access digital publications for Apple devices, which are highly relevant across regions and industries.” 

Working together to deliver the latest insights into gravel soils 

The latest ebook is the ninth of a series of ebooks which bring together evidence-based knowledge for better management to achieve productive and resilient soils. 

Grains Research and Development Commission (GRDC) and SoilsWest – a research partnership between Murdoch University and the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) – have worked together to publish the free ebook. 

The ebooks authors comprise a collaborative team of soil science experts contributing through the SoilsWest alliance.  

Authors, Francesca Brailsford (Murdoch University), Craig Scanlan (Department of Primary Industries & Regional Development), David Weaver (DPIRD), Karen Holmes (DPIRD), and Matthias Leopold (University of Western Australia) pooled their collective knowledge from their vast field and research experience to deliver the latest ebook.  

Inside the ebook 

The guide provides evidence-based knowledge for better management of productive and resilient soils, in an easy to navigate digital format.  

According to Mr Gazey, the ebook helps to identify typical soil and gravel types that may influence properties such as plant available water at the start and end of season. 

“This information will help to more accurately determine, things like, carbon stocks and fertiliser requirements,” Mr Gazey said. 

Project collaborators  

  • The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD)
  • SoilsWest 
  • Murdoch University 
  • The University of Western Australia (UWA) 

More information  

To view the ebook and previous editions click here


Chris Gazey 
DPIRD Manager of Soil Science and Crop Nutrition (Grains) 
P: (08) 9368 3493