DDLS – Plant Pathology Laboratories service fees

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DDLS - Plant Pathology Laboratories charges for the services it provides. Each laboratory report includes a cost advice summary with a breakdown of the individual test charges and a separate agency tax invoice for payment. 

Below is a list of applicable charges for Plant Pathology services. Refer to the 2019-20 fees and charges booklet on this page for charge amounts.

Charges are negotiable for bulk submissions. A case handling fee is applied to all submissions to cover administration and overhead charges. The submitter will be invoiced in all cases.


  • Job handling fee
  • Cancellation fee

Disease Diagnosis


  • Nematode detection in soils and roots
  • Soil Health (nematode)

Fungal and Bacterial

  • Visual / microscopic examination
  • Fungal pathogen isolation by plating (plant)
  • Bacterial pathogen isolation by plating and ID (plant)
  • Fungal pathogen isolation by moist tray (plant)

Seed Tests

  • Fungal pathogen (wash test)
  • Fungal pathogen (seed)
  • Bacterial pathogen (seed)
  • Nematode (seed)

Root / Soil / Water tests

  • Accreditation phytophthora soil testing (double bait test)
  • Phytophthora / pythium on soil and water samples
  • Detection of other fungal pathogens on soil
  • Rhizoctonia test
  • Phytophthora test
  • Detection of fungal pathogens in water
  • Phytophthora / pythium only when used in addition to fungal testing

Molecular Tests

  • Sequencing
  • Conventional PCRs
  • qPCR (real time PCRs)
  • LAMP assays

Microbial Cultures and Isolates

  • Culture Collection request

Regulatory Services

  • Laboratory analysis of plants

Virus Testing

  • Virus sample processing fee
  • Electron microscopy (plant)
  • Herbaceous indexing per test

Leaf samples

  • Initial setup per leaf virus
  • Testing charge per leaf sample each virus

Potato virus testing (PLRV, PVS, PVX, PVY, TSWV)

  • Leaf - Potato virus testing per virus
  • Leaf - Potato spindle tuber vitoid testing (200 leaves) by PCR
  • Tuber - Potato virus testing per virus

Grapevine virus testing (GLRV1&3, GVA)

  • Cane (1 virus per sample)
  • Cane (2 viruses per sample)

Seed testing (no virus processing fee applicable)

  • ELISA 400 seed test (1 virus per sample)
  • ELISA 400 seed test (2 viruses per sample)

More information

For more information contact:

DDLS Specimen Reception

08 9368 3351

Email DDLS@dpird.wa.gov.au