Nursery fruit tree tag program

Page last updated: Tuesday, 31 October 2023 - 3:20pm

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) is providing free tree care tags to nurseries for use on Qfly host plants.

The tags are part of a trial in Western Australia to help combat the serious plant pest, Queensland fruit fly (Qfly) by promoting good home garden hygiene.

Qfly is an invasive pest that damages more than 300 species of fruit and vegetable. It is one of the biggest threats to the State’s $1.49 billion horticulture industry and fruit trees grown at home.

Printed on recyclable plastic, the tags can be attached to Qfly host plants, including all citrus varieties, stone fruit and pome fruit trees, tomato, chilli, capsicum, lilly pilly, fig and more, prior to sale.

To help prevent the spread of Qfly and other garden pests, the tags include information on how to manage fruit from Qfly host trees, including:

  • pick ripe and ripening fruit every three days to prevent fruit falling on the ground
  • eat or treat fruit (by cooking, freezing, processing, or solarising)
  • securely bag and dispose in the general waste bin.

Nurseries that want to take part in the trial are invited to read the Information sheet and complete the online order form linked below.