Queensland fruit fly (Qfly) updates

Page last updated: Tuesday, 12 March 2024 - 8:40am

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Western Australia has once again been declared free of the destructive pest, Queensland fruit fly (Qfly) after a successful eradication response in the Bayswater area.

Area freedom was declared on 11 March 2024 and all restrictions have now been lifted.

Qfly is one of the most serious pests of fruit and fruiting vegetables in Australia, attacking over 300 species of fruit and vegetables and impacting a range of horticulture industries and access to valuable markets. 

Bayswater Qfly Incident Response Situation Update – 12 March 2024

Qfly was first detected in Bayswater in February 2023 as part of the routine monitoring of WA’s early warning surveillance trapping network. In response to this detection, a successful eradication campaign was undertaken by DPRID.

The Quarantine Area Notice has now been lifted and residents, businesses and growers are no longer subject to quarantine movement controls on fruit and vegetables.

DPIRD would like to thank community members in the Bayswater area for complying with fruit movement restrictions and working with DPIRD personnel to support baiting and quarantine activities throughout the area and in private backyards.

Qfly surveillance traps will remain in place throughout WA as part of our permanent, Qfly early warning surveillance program and DPIRD encourages residents to maintain good garden hygiene to reduce the risk of Qfly and other exotic pests.

Why is it important to keep Western Australia free from Qfly?

Qfly is a major highly invasive agricultural pest , infesting more than 300 species of cultivated fruits and vegetables.

Maintaining Qfly Area Freedom provides WA growers access to export markets, such as avocados to Japan and strawberries to Thailand, and allows for continued enjoyment of home-grown fruit and vegetables.

Other impacts include the increased use of pesticides and a reduction or loss in our ability to grow and enjoy fruits and vegetables in our backyard.

Western Australia has been highly successful at eradicating previous Qfly incursions with the cooperation of local communities and industry, and by efforts of the experienced incident response staff at DPIRD.

Qfly has been has eradicated from the Perth metropolitan area on nine occasions since 1989.


If you think you have seen Qfly or other unusual pests or signs of disease in your garden, please report it to the department’s Pest and Disease Information Service on (08) 9368 3080 or email padis@dpird.wa.gov.au.

Alternatively, you can send photos via the department’s MyPestGuide® Reporter app (Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Store).