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Geoff Anderson
Research Scientist

Geoff’s role involves working with WA grains industry developing improved soil management practices. He is currently involved in two GRDC supported projects looking at...

Geoff Thomas
Research Scientist

Geoff is a plant pathologist based at the DPIRD South Perth office. His research focuses in two primary areas, epidemiology and integrated management of diseases impacting on production and sustainability of cereal and...

Dr George Mwenda
Research Scientist, Farming Systems Innovation

Dr Mwenda is a Research Scientist on a DPIRD-GRDC investment project investigating agronomic practices that maintain the long-term benefits of soil amelioration. Research areas include the role of crop rotations in...

Georgie Troup
Research Scientist

Georgie works within the Frontline Agronomy team to deliver valuable oat research, extension and industry development as part of a GRDC supported project.

Giao Nguyen
Research Scientist

Giao has been working as a research scientist with the Department since 2020. He has been conducting vegetable research in protected cropping facilities and open field for higher yield, better quality, and improved...

Research Scientist

Glen conducts machinery research on broadscale crops, such as improving seeders, sprayers and harvesters. He is very interested in showing growers the benefits of the controlled traffic farming system.


Glenn McDonald
Research Scientist

Glenn is a Research Scientist working in crop and soil science and based in the southern WA wheatbelt. The projects he’s working on are aimed at reducing the effect of soil constraints and improving the efficiency and...

Woman in paddock
Research Scientist, Farming Systems Innovation

Grace Williams joined DPIRD’s Regional Research Agronomy project in 2020 undertaking activities including...

Greg Shea
Development Officer

Greg is a Development Officer based in Merredin. He works with agribusiness and grower groups in the area of break crops and legume pastures R&D. Greg has a particular interest in the role of canola in the farming...

Portrait of man
Research Scientist, Cereal Physiology

Hammad is a Research Scientist (Cereal Physiology) whose research focuses on improving the crop productivity and profitability of cereals (mainly barley) grown in Western Australia. ...

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