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Jean Galloway
Research Officer

I specialise in plant pathology epidemiology and work closely with our modelling team to deliver decision support tools for Australian growers and consultants. As a Project Manager I work with internal and external...

Jenni Clausen DPIRD staff member
Development Officer soils extension

I am working with the soil acidity group to extend their research and decision packages. Part of this role will be pulling together solutions to manage multiple soil constraints through the research work of the wider...

Jennifer Garlinge
Research Officer

I work in the Grains Business Development portfolio. I am part of the team implementing business planning activities for the new grains R&D entity. This is part of the $20M Royalties for Regions project 'Boosting...

Jeremy Curry
Research Officer

I am a Research Officer within the DPIRD/GRDC co-funded projects ‘Tactical wheat agronomy for the West’ (DAW00249) and ‘Management of barley and barley cultivars in Western Australia’ (DAW00224).

I conduct...

Jeremy Lemon
Senior Development Officer

I have a broad role in helping develop profitable farming systems. This involves understanding industry needs and identifying priority areas for research and development mainly in grain production related issues. I...

Johan Greeff
Senior Geneticist – Sheep industry

I am Project Manager for the Sheep Genetics sub-project within the Sheep Industry Business Innovation project (Royalties for Regions) and I manage the genetic resource flocks that we use for genetic studies at our...

John Paul Collins
Research Officer, new on-farm technology

I am working in the field of new on-farm technology to support the sustainable productivity and profitability of the sheep industry in Western Australia. This is part of the Department of Agriculture and Food’s $10...

Julie Roche
Technical Services Manager

As the Manager of the Northam mobile technical services unit I am responsible for directing the activities of the team and implementing financial and administrative strategies to achieve the agreed outcomes aligned with...

Dr Karen Holmes
Research Scientist

I work with a team of soil, water, and data scientists, supplying advice and information products to increase agricultural production and efficiency, and decrease environmental risks.  My goal is to make soil information...

Karyn Reeves

My role involves applying mathematical and statistical methods in the design and analysis of agricultural trials, and in the interpretation and presentation of the results. 

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