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Daniel Huberli
Plant Pathologist

I am a plant pathologist at DPIRD focusing on fungal cereal root and crown pathogens. I am the WA lead on the GRDC funded projects, ‘national crown rot epidemiology and management program’ and ' national improved...

Daniel Real
Senior Research Officer (Forage Breeding and Agronomy)

I am the project leader of all the projects involving the domestication, breeding and animal production of the forage legume tedera. These projects are co-funded by DPIRD and Meat and Livestock Australia.

Daniel Renshaw
Technical Officer

I work with the lupin breeding group, sharing my time between field support and pre-breeding laboratory activities. I help with preparations for seeding and harvest and work as part of the field teams at peak work times...

Daron Malinowski
Technical Officer

I have been with DPIRD for two years and am currently a Technical Officer based at Northam working with the Soils Productivity team. Our team is looking at innovative approaches to managing subsoil acidity. Subsoil...

Darryl McClements
Senior Technical Officer

I provide technical support for the pasture group. This involves me coordinating and assisting in a range of activities with field and glasshouse experiments, including planning the trials through to establishing and...

Dr Darshan Sharma
Portfolio Manager, Genetic Improvement Portfolio

I manage the Genetic Improvement portfolio which includes several wheat,  barley, canola, lupins, pulses and quinoa projects. Our pre-breeding work ultimately delivers superior crop varieties developed in collaboration...

David Ferris
Project Manager, Integrated Farming Systems portfolio

I manage the Integrated Farming Systems portfolio which comprises projects that undertake applied R&D to improve crop management practices for the major grain crops grown in WA (wheat, barley, canola and pulses). R...

David Hall
Senior Research Officer

I work to deliver information and skills to DPIRD's clients that will assist them in farming more profitably through improved soil management practices. My current focus is on subsoil constraints to production which...

Technical Officer

I am based at Merredin providing technical support on the Dryland Research Institute. My duties range from site selection, paddock preparation and general site maintenance through to research trial support including seed...

Dean Diepeveen
Research Officer

I am a researcher in the Genetic Improvement program focusing on barley prebreeding and nitrogen-use in wheat. Both projects are collaboratively funded by DPIRD and GRDC delivering greater grain yields to growers. These...

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