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Ben Biddulph
Research Officer

My role involves working with DPIRD’s strategic partners in the WA and national grains industry and overseeing grains industry research and development in wheat and barley abiotic stress research, with a particular focus...

Bindi Isbister
Development Officer

I am a Development Officer for DPIRD’s 'Minimising the effect of compaction on crop yield' (DAW00243) GRDC funded project. Soil compaction is estimated to cost WA grain growers about $490 million dollars a year. Through...

Blakely Paynter
Senior Research Officer

I am a barley scientist working with DPIRD using funding support from the GRDC to undertake barley agronomy research in Western Australia. My research and communication activities are about helping growers grow the right...

Bob French
Senior Research Officer

My role includes contributing to formulating research objectives and planning and implementing research programs in the projects Tactical Break Crop Agronomy, and Tactical Wheat Agronomy for the West, with particular...

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Development Officer (Crop Protection Agronomy)

I am a Development Officer in crop protection agronomy, based in Geraldton, in the Regional Research Agronomy project funded by DPIRD, GRDC and Royalties for Regions. My role is to work closely with a range of industry...

Brenda Shackley
Research Officer

I am a wheat agronomy Research Officer based at the Katanning district office. I am currently working on the DPIRD/GRDC project Tactical wheat agronomy for the west. Together with other members of the wheat agronomy team...

Brenton Leske
Research Officer

I oversee the research of a DPIRD led and GRDC supported project 'Yield under frost one degree at a time' (DAW00234). I also assist with the WA lead component of 'Screening of frost tolerance in cereals' (GRDC project –...

Bruce Mullan profile picture
Director, Sheep Industry Development. Grains and Livestock Industries Directorate

I am Director of Sheep Industry Development as well as Project Manager for the Sheep Industry Business Innovation project – a $10 million project made...

Carla Wilkinson
Senior Research Officer

I am a Research Officer in DPIRD's crop protection group specialising in plant parasitic nematode issues under the guidance of Dr Sarah Collins. I am a project leader of a COGGO funded project investigating the...

Catherine Borger
Research Officer

I conduct research on integrated weed management. Changes in farming systems, farm management practices and climate are resulting in a changing weed spectrum. Several weed species that were minor crop weeds or weeds of...

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