Ben Biddulph
Research Officer
Ben Biddulph

My role in the department

My role involves working with DPIRD’s strategic partners in the WA and national grains industry and overseeing grains industry research and development in wheat and barley abiotic stress research, with a particular focus on developing farm business less suscetible to reproductive frost damage.

Current national GRDC funded pre-breeding and farming systems projects are on;

  • Benchmarking suscetibility of wheat and barley varieties to reproductive frost.
  • Developing and implementing high throughput screening methods evaluating international germplasm banks for reproductive frost tolerance.
  • Evaluating farming systems and management practices for their impact on the severity and duration of reproductive frost damage across the landscape.
  • Extension of key research findings to key target industry audiences.

Contact information

+61 (0)8 9368 3431
+61 (0)428 920 654

My background

I have more than 15 years experience in agricultural research and industry development of cereals in Australia at DPIRD and the University of Western Australia. My experience combines a background in cereal physiology, agronomy, project management, grains research, development and communication.

I have a background in cereal physiology and agronomy. I am leading WA research developing screening methods for evaluating germplasm for reproductive frost damage. I have also led and managed drought, waterlogging, salinity and national phenology projects projects across Australia.


  • Benchmarking genetic diversity for drought in wheat. DAW00215. A national GRDC project led by DPIRD.
  • Yield stability under frost. DAW00234. A national GRDC project led by DPIRD examining yield stability and compensation in wheat for reproductive frost damage.
  • DAW00241. A national GRDC project led by DPIRD examining farming systems and management practices which change the severity and duration of reproductive frost damage in cereals.
  • UA00136. A national GRDC project led by University of Adelaide, with the WA node led by DPIRD benchmarking the variation in susceptibility of commercial wheat and barley varieties for reproductive frost damage.
  • CSP00143. A national GRDC project led by CSIRO PI and the field component led by DPIRD, developing alternative screening protocols for cold tolerance in wheat.

Key Expertise

Cereal physiology, cereal agronomy, frost research, drought, waterlogging, salinity, phenology, abiotic stress, project management, extension, communication


  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Western Australia, Cereal Physiology 2006
  • BsC in Agriculture with Honours, University of Western Australia 2002