The tropical wet season

A benchmarking study was conducted in 2016 on fertiliser and irrigation practices of 10 tomato growers in Carnarvon. In 2022 a follow up study was conducted on current fertiliser practices and to assess for changes in shelf life and quality of the tomatoes produced since the 2016 study.

The Industrial Hemp Development in Northern Western Australia (WA) project is a 3 year project, funded by Department for Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) and AgriFutures, which aims to develop a thriving Industrial Hemp (IH) industry, through research and industry development.

Primary producers are gaining an edge by leveraging data to inform decision-making and improve their farm's productivity.

Data gains meaning through insights. However, with data located in multiple cloud platforms, sharing data can be complex.

Extrata adheres to rigorous privacy procedures to secure and protect our user's sensitive personal and agricultural data.

A farm’s data from the tractor, header, weather stations and soil moisture probes often sit in various online clouds and can be difficult to access.

The Testing Traceability Systems Grant Program will allow Western Australian plant and plant product growers and supply chain participants to test traceability systems to provide valuable insights into the key components, which systems work best, and the challenges and costs faced in implementing

The Plant and Plant Product Traceability Project commenced in 2021 and is part of a national initiative to improve traceability within the agricultural sectors.

Polyphagous shot-hole borer (PSHB) Euwallacea fornicatus is a beetle native to Southeast Asia. The beetle attacks a wide range of plants by tunnelling into trunks, stems and branches.

The Primary Industries Development Research Highlights 2021 showcases the breadth and depth of the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development’s research and development activities over the past several years.

Many exotic insect pests, not established in Western Australia (WA), are expert stowaways!

These destructive pests love to hide and ride and can cross our borders undetected in shipping containers and freight, as well as anything imported.


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