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A farm’s data from the tractor, header, weather stations and soil moisture probes often sit in various online clouds and can be difficult to access.

Sharing multiple sets of data from different cloud platforms can be challenging for primary producers. Extrata® simplifies this process by providing a central place to bring these different data sets together. Extrata refers to this as ‘data bundling’.

Accurate, timely, actionable information in the farmer’s hands

By creating a data bundle in Extrata, the Data Originator (primary producer) maintains control over their own ag data and can set their own parameters around data access. This includes:

  • What data they share
  • With whom they share it and
  • For how long

Extrata is unique from other Australian data sharing platforms in that it does not store any data and all the data it transfers is encrypted end-to-end. With no data analysis or cleansing involved in the transfer process, data is only accessible and visible to the sender and recipient.

Security features

Multiple security features have been built into Extrata to ensure user data is kept safe and secure, including:

  • Individual logins
  • Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Cycling of Application Programming Interface (API) keys
  • No data stored
  • End-to-end data encryption
  • Users have the ability to accept or deny data requests, choose who they share their data with and for how long.

Extrata is also 100 per cent owned and operated by a trusted and neutral entity, the State Government’s Department of Primary Industries and Regional Industries.

Join our Early Adopter Program

Extrata is currently being trialled across a number of collaborative projects involving WA primary producers. 

To become an early adopter, submit an expression of interest via our Early Adopter Program page.

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