Here is a quick rundown on the workings of the new Extrata platform.

Privacy is a concern for all of us in this ‘age of technology’. 

With the new Extrata Data Sharing Platform, rather than having data from the tractor, header, from multiple weather stations and soil moisture probes sitting in various online clouds and being difficult to access – users, primary producers for example, will be able to find all the information in

Imagine one place to put all of your agricultural, financial or other technology data (agdata).

This is the reality the eConnect+ team is bringing to fruition through the creation of the new Extrata Data Sharing Platform!

This page has a series of maps that looks at future climate projections of the South West Land Division using data from Climate Services for Agriculture website.

WA Livestock Disease Outlook - for vets March 2022

Australia’s ability to sell livestock and livestock products depends on evidence from our surveillance systems that we are free of...

WA Livestock Disease Outlook - for producers March 2022

The WA Livestock Disease Outlook provides information about recent livestock disease cases in Western Australia and diseases likely to occur in the next month. Calling a vet to investigate diseases when they occur provides surveillance evidence to our markets that we are free of reportable and...

In the market for supplies of pasture seed this year?

The Testing Traceability Systems Grant Program will allow Western Australian plant and plant product growers and supply chain participants to test traceability systems to provide valuable insights into the key components, which systems work best, and the challenges and costs faced in implementing

The Plant and Plant Product Traceability Project commenced in 2021, and is part of a national initiative to improve traceability within the agricultural sectors.


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