A benchmarking study was conducted in 2016 on fertiliser and irrigation practices of 10 tomato growers in Carnarvon. In 2022 a follow up study was conducted on current fertiliser practices and to assess for changes in shelf life and quality of the tomatoes produced since the 2016 study.

Ovine Observer #97 December 2022

In this issue:

1. The WA NLIS Sheep and Goat Advisory Group – 12 months on
2. Abortion and lamb mortality between pregnancy scanning and marking for maiden ewes
3. 2021 and 2022 Southern WA sheep reproductive rates based on pregnancy scanning data
4. Making the move to non-...

The Agribusiness, Food & Trade newsletter provides updates, invitations and articles of interest for the WA industry relating to projects within this section of the department.

This page features the latest digital resources to identify, report and manage risks associated with the highly contagious foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) and lumpy skin disease (LSD).

Ovine Observer Issue number # 96 October 2022

In this issue:

1. Pregnancy scanning increases profit for all flocks and times of lambing

2. Lower Reproductive Rate and Lamb Survival Contribute to Lower Lamb Marking Rate in Maiden Ewes Compared to Multiparous Ewes

3. Is hemp a suitable forage for sheep?

4. Do you...

The Western Australian Government, through the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development’s Food Industry Innovation program, has signed a four-year agreement to bring a world-first manufacturing initiative to Western Australia.

Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development's (DPIRD) Frank Wise Institute of Tropical Agriculture was established in 1945 on the grounds of the Carlton Reach Research Station, which had been set up in 1941 by Kimberley Michael Durack and his brother William.

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development will be taking part in a showcase in Singapore, including a range of local Western Australian businesses. It will be hosted at Raffles City, Singapore from 2 to 9 September 2022.

Ovine Observer Issue number # 95 June 2022

In this issue:

1. An economic analysis of sheep flock structures for mixed enterprise Australian farm businesses

2. MLA Tedera Demonstration 2020-2023

3. Using scanned fetal numbers to inform reproduction trait performance in the MERINOSELECT Evaluation

4. Pain relief...

Following the fatal shark attack near Cull Island in Esperance, the Department initiated work to identify popular surf beaches that would benefit from enhanced mobile coverage which would assist first responders in their search operations and for the benefit of the local community generally.


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