Polyphagous shot-hole borer (PSHB) is a beetle native to Southeast Asia. The beetle attacks a wide range of plants by tunnelling into trunks, stems and branches.

The Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (AWAC) of Western Australia provides independent, evidence-based advice to the Minister for Agriculture and Food, who is responsible for animal welfare regulation.

The Pantry Blitz 2021 was such a success that registrations are now being taken in preparation for next year’s general surveillance biosecurity program!

The Primary Industries Development Research Highlights 2021 showcases the breadth and depth of the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development’s research and development activities over the past several years.

Many exotic insect pests, not established in Western Australia (WA), are expert stowaways!

These destructive pests love to hide and ride and can cross our borders undetected in shipping containers and freight, as well as anything imported.

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American serpentine leafminer (Liriomyza trifolii) is a tiny fly whose larvae damages plants by tunnelling (mining) through leaf tissue. 

WA Livestock Disease Outlook - for producers - June 2021

The WA Livestock Disease Outlook provides information about recent livestock disease cases in Western Australia and diseases likely to occur in the next month. Calling a vet to investigate diseases when they occur provides surveillance evidence to our markets that we are free of reportable and...

The Building Horticulture Business Capacity Program is now open. The program will provide high quality, tailored business training to individual vegetable and apple enterprises.

WA Livestock Disease Outlook for Vets June 2021

Australia’s ability to sell livestock and livestock products depends on evidence from our surveillance systems that we are free of particular livestock diseases. The WA livestock disease outlook – for vets summarises recent significant disease investigations by Department of Primary Industries...


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