Liver fluke testing and laboratory requirements for Western Australia

Page last updated: Friday, 10 November 2023 - 2:55pm

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Liver fluke is a parasite of ruminants and is not present in Western Australia. Before stock from other Australian states can enter and move freely within WA, the owner or agent of the stock must comply with published import conditions that require proof from a Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) approved laboratory for liver fluke testing that pre- and/or post-entry faecal samples from animals entering WA from interstate are negative for liver fluke.

The DPIRD (formerly DAFWA) approved fluke egg sedimentation test (FEST) procedure is used for this testing and can detect one egg/gram from faecal samples of 10 grams for horses and cattle. For other species, a 4g sample is required.

DDLS - Animal Pathology also offers a Fasciola hepatica copro-antigen detection ELISA, which is more cost-effective and more sensitive than the FEST. The test is for post-entry testing of sheep and cattle samples only and at this stage is only available at DDLS - animal pathology. For sheep a 4g faecal sample is required and for cattle a 10g sample.

Collect a fresh faecal sample, refrigerate (2-8°C), and dispatch the sample to DDLS - Animal Pathology in an esky with ice or cold pack as soon as possible.

DPIRD-approved laboratories to test liver fluke samples pre- and post-entry to WA

The laboratories listed below:

  • participate in the DPIRD liver fluke quality assurance scheme
  • use the DPIRD fluke egg sedimentation test (FEST) method or another approved method.

Please note that at present the Fasciola hepatica copro-antigen detection ELISA for post-entry samples from sheep and cattle is only approved if conducted at DPIRD.

Contact name Laboratory address Phone

Mr Cameron Loomes

DPIRD Diagnostics and Laboratory
Services (DDLS)
3 Baron Hay Court
South Perth WA 6151

+61 (0)8
9368 3483

Mrs Deanne Broughton

Veterinary Pathology Laboratory
38 Epsom Avenue
Ascot WA  6984

+61 (0)8
9259 3600

Dr Grant Richards

Para-Site Diagnostic Services
C/o AllFarm Animal Health
Unit 1, 3 Bray Street
Hastings VIC 3915

+61 (0)3
5766 4374

Ms Maryke Du Plessis

IDEXX Laboratories
117 Greenhill Rd
Unley SA 5061

+61 (0)2
9898 7363

Ms Maria Hardy

Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural
Institute Industry & Investment NSW
Woodbridge Road
Menangle NSW 2570

+61 (0)2
4640 6315

Mr Hamish Southwood

Gribbles Vet Pathology
33 Flemington Street
Glenside SA 5056

+61 (0)8
8202 3300

Ms Bonnie Beall

Livestock Logic
60 Portland St
Hamilton VIC 3300

+61 (0)3
5572 1419

Dr Natalie Leo

Biosecurity Sciences Laboratory
Dept Agriculture and Fisheries
Specimen Receipt (Block 12) 
Health and Food Sciences Precinct
39 Kessels Rd
Coopers Plains QLD 4180

+61 (0)7
3708 8708