Seasonal Climate Outlook April 2024

The South West Land Division (SWLD) has an equal chance of receiving neutral to below median rainfall for April to June 2024, according to the current model rainfall outlook.

Warmer temperatures than normal are expected to continue.

Ovine Observer #102 April 2024

1. Comparison of udder and teat traits in merino ewes recorded at lambing
2. Using lupins and the ram effect to improve reproductive performance in Merino ewes in southern Australia
3. Transitioning to electronic identification (eID) for sheep and goats
4. Managing feed and water...

Seasonal Climate Outlook March 2024

Half of the national and international models indicate below median rainfall for the South West Land Division for autumn (March to May 2024).

Further ahead, the majority of models are indicating neutral chances (neither below or above median rainfall) for winter (June to August 2024)....

Seasonal Climate Outlook January 2024


This short edition of the Seasonal Climate Outlook indicates that the rainfall outlook for the South West Land Division January to March 2024, is neutral, meaning there is an equal chance of above or below median rainfall, based on a survey of 19 national and international models...

Ovine Observer #101 December 2023

In this issue:

1. Predicting lambing dates using ewe-ram interactions

2. Preliminary evaluation of the impact of visual traits on lifetime ewe performance

3. 2023 Southern WA sheep reproductive rates based on pregnancy scanning

4. A big thank you to participants in...

The Crop Sowing Guide for Western Australia aims to provide information to support growers with decisions on the best choice of variety for each of the major crops for the upcoming season. Some management tips for cereals are also provided.

Ovine Observer #100 September 2023

In this issue:

1. Edition 100 of the Ovine Observer
2. Opportunties using eID - Tahara case study
3. Coxiella burnetii (Q-fever) in Australian breeding ewes
4. Lupinosis in sheep
5. Dry season response 2023
6. Seasonal Updates

Seasonal Climate Outlook August 2023

Rainfall outlook for South West Land Division for August to October and spring, September to November, is for below median rainfall. This is based on a survey of 20 national and international models. Higher chance of frost is expected for August.

Seasonal Climate Outlook July 2023

Recent conditions: growing season rainfall (since 1 April) has been decile 4-10 for the majority of the South West Land Division (SWLD), after some good falls in June. Rainfall outlook for SWLD for July to September, all models indicate below median rainfall, based on a survey of 20 national and...

Ovine Observer #99 June 2023

In this issue:

1. Causes of abortion and lamb mortality for maiden ewes in WA
2. Ultrawide band microwave scanning precisely and accurately predicts sheepmeat hot carcase GR tissue depth
3. Improving farm productivity with better carcase feedback
4. Saltland Genie Web App...


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