Dedicated value chains for the sheep industry

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Value chain design


  • To facilitate the formation of dedicated value chains as an alternative to the current open market system operating in the Western Australian (WA) sheep meat industry.


  • market access in China and Middle East
  • potential partners in China and the Middle East were identified to participate in dedicated value chains
  • Asian Market Success project – worked with outcomes from work done to inform next steps
  • value chain design development – market supply and analysis
  • V&V Walsh National Flagship Program (2014) – framework designed and co-funded with MLA which included support for increased quantity and quality of sheepmeat
  • stakeholder analysis for supply chains
  • provided ongoing financial support of the value chain manager position at V&V Walsh
  • worked with indigenous landholders to develop an indigenous branded lamb meat product
  • built capacity by supporting post graduate students in value chain related research projects.

Outcomes and achievements

Contact information

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