Dedicated value chains for the sheep industry

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Dedicated value chains was a Sheep Industry Business Innovation (SIBI) subproject which consisted of four key tasks: value chain design, sheepmeat product development, placement of staff and scholarships, and web portal development. Together these tasks aimed to transform and grow the sheepmeat industry to realise the opportunity for new and existing overseas markets in Asia and the Middle East.


Dedicated value chains enable the relationship between companies to shift from transactional connections to transformational partnerships. Such partnerships focus on creating mutual benefit, with each party wanting to work together because each sees shared value in doing so. This element of the project had an international market focus and was undertaken in conjunction with the Asian Market Success project to identify investment partners with a plate to paddock focus.

There is strong demand from overseas customers, particularly China and the Middle East, to source sheepmeat. In order to capitalise on this demand there was a specific activity called the Value chain design project, which used a whole of supply chain transformational approach, similar to successful New Zealand approaches to market development. Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) Donor Company co-invested in the Value chain design project for the life of the SIBI project.


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