Dedicated value chains for the sheep industry

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  • to identify the most appropriate system that will serve as a platform to interconnect information sources within the sheepmeat value chain
  • to increase access to data across the industry that will lead to improved efficiencies, reduced costs and better outcomes for the industry as a whole.


  • collaborated with the Western Australian Meat Industry Authority (WAMIA) to determine ways to make data collected from meat processors and saleyards by statute more accessible and useful for the sheepmeat industry
  • investigated the future role of the department to support the integrity of systems used in provenance claims
  • assisted with the MLA digital platform strategy where appropriate.

Outcomes and achievements

The scoping study was completed. The key conclusion was that a number of initiatives aimed at connecting information along the supply chain were developing and there was no need to compete with these. However, these systems connected producer and processor segments and connect to the wholesaler and retailer segments represented a gap. Utilising WAMIA data and supporting systems that guaranteed the integrity of provenance claims were key opportunities for SIBI to do further 

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