Sheep industry leadership and development

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This Sheep Industry Business Innovation (SIBI) subproject will support the Sheep Alliance as the peak leadership body and advocate of change management for the Western Australian (WA) sheep industry, and run a program of flagship events and relationship management that supports the development of the industry as a whole and provides comprehensive communication activities.

Support of the Sheep Alliance of Western Australia


  • to support the Sheep Alliance WA, formerly known as the Sheep Industry Leadership Council (SILC), as the peak leadership body and advocate of change management for the WA sheep industry
  • to support the Sheep Alliance WA to be an advocate of SIBI activities and outcomes
  • to support its task of developing potential models for a Sheep Business Centre.

For more information, please visit the Sheep Alliance website.

Related outcomes

To establish the human and physical resources needed to research, develop and demonstrate the elements required to achieve success in the industry and the means of sustaining those resources into the future.

Activities 2015-16

  • the formation of the Sheep Alliance as an independent peak body
  • incorporation of SILC (1 July 2015)
  • SILC handover (July 2015) – handover of Executive Officer role by the department to new Executive Officer and board
  • support SILC board meetings (July 2015) – SIBI staff support SILC board meetings held quarterly with information and direction on activities.

Activities 2016-17

  • support the Sheep Alliance as an independent peak body to act in a leadership role and provide industry forums in conjunction with the department
  • manage the contract with Sheep Alliance (2016-18) – milestone reports and deliverables against outcomes for the Sheep Alliance contract
  • manage the reference group process of which Sheep Alliance is a part (2016-18).

Current and proposed activities

  • Provide support to the Sheep Alliance in its industry leadership role.
  • Maintain regular contact with the Sheep Alliance to gain feedback on SIBI activities and performance.
  • Development of potential models for the Sheep Business Centre - work closely with Sheep Alliance to ensure appropriate industry and government feedback on potential models for the Sheep Business Centre.
  • Support the development and implementation the Sheep Alliance communication plan.

Achievements and outcomes

The Sheep Industry Leadership Council has successfully transitioned to the Sheep Alliance of WA and has in place a contract for support for its operation until June 2018. The Sheep Alliance has a skills-based board, nominated by industry, and now has 50 members which includes processors, universities, industry groups and grower groups. 


Contact information

Julia Smith
+61 (0)8 9892 8450