Bewety and the Feast

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Sheep Industry Research Open Day

Sheep farming can be a bit more fun …. a bit more interesting… a bit more exciting and a bit more challenging!
This was the theme of the Sheep Industry Research Open Day, hosted at the Department of Agriculture and Food’s Katanning Research Facility (formerly GSARI) on 30 March 2017.

The event, which attracted over 190 attendees, showcased the latest innovative technology and research across the WA sheep industry and what this could mean for sheep producers.
The program included:
  • EweTube; Let Siri do the sheepwork - Beth Paganoni, DAFWA
  • Labour or Love? Labour Saving Technologies that allow a life off-farm - John Paul Collins, DAFWA & Clayton South, Tahara.
  • ASBVs for traits that are expensive and difficult to measure - Johan Greeff, DAFWA
  • Do I look fat in these genes? Shedding some light on why owning skinny genes doesn’t guarantee their fit! -  Sarah Blumer, Murdoch University
  • Yardstick 2015: Driving genetic gains in the sheep industry - Bob Hall, ICON Agriculture
  • Can you identify breech strike susceptible sheep BEFORE they are struck? - Tony Schlink, UWA
  • DAFWA and UWA joining forces to solve the winter dag problem - Graeme Martin, UWA
  • Running the ruler over lamb in 2017 – the future of Lean Meat Yield analysis - Steve Connaughton, Murdoch University
  •  We like our meat red! Demonstration of packaging options to optimise colour at retail & colour measurement technology - Maddison Corlett, Murdoch University
  • Eat the lot - demonstrate cut by cook effect on eating quality - Rachel O’Reilly & Lis Pannier, Murdoch University
  • The good gas on methane: Live demonstration of gas measures - Phil Vercoe, UWA
  • Chaos on the Maternity Ward: Can optimising lambing density minimise mismothering and improve lamb survival? - Amy Lockwood, Murdoch University

To view a copy of the proceedings, please click the link to the right.

The Sheep Industry Open Day was made possible by DAFWA’s Sheep Industry Business Innovation project, funded by Royalties for Regions, and in partnership with the Sheep Alliance of WA.

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