Dedicated value chains for the sheep industry

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Sheepmeat product development


  • To develop new premium sheep meat products.


  • Contributed to the Sheep CRC yearling Merino and large lamb grading research project (May 2016) – to enable the potential value of yearling sheepmeat to be realised on the basis of eating quality.
  • Conducted a research and development project in collaboration with the MLA Donor Company to develop dry aging for sheepmeat.  This included an economic analysis, a market insight study, an experimental program to optimise dry aging, and a consultation process with regulatory authorities.

Outcomes and achievements

  • a review of past scientific work in the literature about the effect of sheep age on the eating quality of sheepmeat
  • an economic study of yearling production on-farm that established the potential value of yearling sheepmeat to farmers
  • sensory evaluation of yearling compared to lamb meat using consumers in China, United States of America (USA) and Australia to prove the value to consumers.

Contact information

Robin Jacob
+61 (0)8 9368 3470