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The demand for high value agricultural produce continues to increase and provides great opportunities to Australian agriculture. However, with that comes the challenge of farming in an increasingly competitive and volatile environment. Therefore there is a need to improve farm business management skills to maintain economic sustainability and to expand as a result of new opportunities.

Training resources

Financial intelligence webinars

The Department of Primary Industry and Regional Development's Sheep Industry Business Innovation (SIBI) project developed a series of webinars on financial management. The webinar series has been designed as a package and to gain the full benefit it is advisable to watch each webinar in numerical sequence.

Each webinar has a home practice activity and all webinars except Webinar 2 have notes to assist in completing this activity. Supporting documents are found in the sidebar (right).

SIBI is interested in any feedback to assist in future events so please use the contact details listed on this page.

By the end of five webinars you will understand how to:

  • use basic financial information to inform essential business decisions
  • interpret the three key financial statements
  • use strategies and tools for monitoring and evaluating your business's financial position
  • conduct a financial health check and act on the results
  • make short term decisions aligned to your medium to long term goals
  • be proactive rather than reactive
  • benchmarking yourself not others
  • work collaboratively with your bank
  • understand your tax return.

No financial knowledge required, but access to your farm’s financial information will support the key learnings of the program.


Webinar 1: Financial basics

Webinar 2: Longer term financial decisions

Webinar 3: Medium term financial decisions

Webinar 4: Short term financial decisions

Webinar 5: Managing financial risks

Other resources

Contact information

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