Importing ruminants into Western Australia

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Requirements under the Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act 2007 and the Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Regulations 2013 apply when importing livestock from interstate and/or overseas into Western Australia to protect the state from pests and diseases.

The import requirements below apply to all ruminants (cattle, sheep, goats, deer, bison, buffalo and hybrids), whether they are kept as pets or for commercial purposes.

Import requirements for ruminants into WA

When importing ruminants into WA, specific requirements for the following diseases must be met:

  • Johne’s disease
  • enzootic bovine leucosis
  • cattle tick
  • liver fluke
  • footrot.

Documents for importing ruminants into WA

For documents required to import ruminants into WA, see Documents for importing ruminants into WA and Forms for importing livestock into WA.

Importing livestock from overseas

Livestock imported from overseas must meet WA requirements as well as those of the Federal Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment.

Livestock identification and intrastate movement requirements

Livestock entering WA are required to meet identification requirements and may be required to meet other intrastate movement conditions.

Post-border requirements

After entry into WA, livestock may be required to meet post-border inspection, treatment and testing requirements.

Inspection charges

Service fees and charges exist for livestock inspections.

Quarantine WA

Quarantine WA is responsible for checking all stock imported into WA to ensure they meet the published import conditions.

Quarantine WA actively protects WA's agriculture, environment and lifestyle by conducting inspections for quarantine risk material at entry points for private travellers and commercial clients importing from interstate or overseas.

Exemptions to import requirements

If stock do not meet the published import requirements, entry into WA may be allowed with an import permit. Import permits must be applied for and issued prior to stock movement. They cannot be issued at the border.

See import permit for an application form.

Contacts for livestock imports

For queries regarding import of livestock into WA, see Contacts for livestock imports.

Contact information

Quarantine WA Livestock Imports