Cattle Industry Funding Scheme: Annual Report 2013/14

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This page provides the 2013/14 annual report for the Cattle Industry Funding Scheme.

From the Chair

I am pleased to present the 2013/14 Annual Report to participants of the Cattle Industry Funding Scheme, stakeholders involved in the Western Australian beef and dairy industries and the Minister for Agriculture and Food.

We started the year with a relatively new Committee, with four new members appointed in August 2013. This restructure provided the opportunity to finalise a strategic plan for the Committee that will guide our activities and help us ensure the Scheme is delivering outcomes that are in the best interest of the Western Australian cattle industry.

Following from this will be a stronger focus of the Committee on industry-input and consultation to ensure industry funds are targeted toward the priority areas. As an example, the year provided us with an opportunity to consult the industry regarding the use of the Scheme to fund compliance, communication and management activities relating to the implementation of hormonal growth promotant (HGP) legislation in the State.

Once again, the industry-endorsed surveillance programs were successfully delivered in partnership with the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia (DAFWA). These programs target bovine Johne’s disease, enzootic bovine leucosis and bovine tuberculosis, and are necessary in order to maintain our state’s ‘free’ status.

The Scheme also provided funding, in conjunction with the Cattle Industry Biosecurity and Food Safety Association, for the delivery of the WA-based NLIS Helpdesk, as well as several innovative research and development projects.

The level of industry support for the Cattle Industry Funding Scheme is impressive. The Scheme is an industry-controlled scheme, and I encourage scheme contributors to have your say in how the Scheme is used to support a viable and sustainable industry into the future.

I thank the Industry Management Committee for the work they have undertaken over the year, DAFWA for their delivery of the programs, and all participants in the Scheme for their contributions to the biosecurity of our industry.

On behalf of the Committee, I look forward to a continuing partnership with producers, industry and government throughout 2014/15.

Yours sincerely

David Jarvie
Cattle IFS Management Committee

31 October 2014