Industry Management Committee terms of reference

Page last updated: Friday, 14 April 2023 - 12:53pm

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Each Industry Funding Scheme is overseen by a seven-member Industry Management Committee (IMC). The IMCs are comprised of producers and others with an interest in the industry.

Terms of reference

  1. Act in good faith at all times, and without conflict of interest, to fairly and impartially represent the best interests of the industry concerned and the contributors to the Scheme.
  2. Provide effective governance over the Scheme.
  3. Discharge the functions conferred on the Management Committee by the Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act 2007 (BAM Act) and the enabling Regulations, including but not necessarily limited to:
    1. Advising the Director General of the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development on the administration of the prescribed account.
    2. Recommending annually to the Minister for Agriculture and Food the area(s) of the State in which the Scheme should operate.
    3. Recommending annually to the Minister for Agriculture and Food the rate or rates at which contributions are to be paid.
    4. Approving programs and other measures to be implemented under the Scheme.
    5. Approving payments from the prescribed account for compensation in respect of losses (as described in the regulations).
    6. Consulting annually with the industry for the purpose of ascertaining industry views on the operation of the Scheme and the performance by the committee of its functions.
    7. Reporting at least annually to the Minister for Agriculture and Food on the operation and effectiveness of the Scheme, and any matters relating to the operation of the relevant regulations as the Minister specifies.
  4. Undertake such other functions related to the operation of the Scheme as required.

The Industry Management Committees meet, in person, quarterly (February, May, August, November). Committee decisions are also made out-of-session, as required, by email or teleconference.

Members are remunerated, including sitting fees and travel expenses. Sitting fees are currently paid at the following rates:

  • Chair - $490 per day (meetings of more than four hours duration) or $320 per part day
  • Members - $320 per day or $220 per part day