Cattle Industry Funding Scheme: Annual Report 2013/14

Page last updated: Wednesday, 11 August 2021 - 1:28pm

Please note: This content may be out of date and is currently under review.

Future directions for 2014/15

The IMC have committed to increase consultation with the WA cattle industry to ensure that the Scheme is meeting the needs of the industry during 2014/15. This includes identifying priority areas in which to target the allocation of funding for research and development projects.

In partnership with DAFWA, the Cattle IMC will continue to manage and monitor the programs it has in place for surveillance of bovine Johne’s disease, enzootic bovine leucosis and bovine tuberculosis in Western Australia.

The IMC will be liaising with Dairy Australia, as the national EBL post-freedom coordinating industry body, on the use of Dairy Australia funds for EBL surveillance in Western Australia. WA dairy producers are currently paying Dairy Australia levies that contribute toward the national EBL surveillance program; however, these funds are not being used within Western Australia. The IMC is concerned that WA is not receiving funding as part of the national surveillance testing required to maintain an EBL-free status.

The IMC will continue to oversee the use of the annual interest accrued on the ex-CICF funds for the research and development projects currently being funded.

The results of these projects will be shared with industry through the Cattle IFS annual reporting process and website, and through each project’s extension activities. 

The Committee have agreed that, from 2015, funding applications can be received throughout the year for assessment during February and August.

Information on the current and previous R&D projects are available from the Cattle IFS website, to enable the industry to access information and results from these industry-funded projects.

As per the IFS regulations, the Minister will be undertaking a review of the Cattle Industry Funding Scheme during 2014/15 to determine whether the Scheme should continue beyond 30 June 2015. The Minister will be consulting the industry to identify whether the continuation of the Scheme is likely to be of benefit to the WA cattle industry, and this should form the basis for a decision.

The Cattle Industry Funding Scheme is an industry-controlled scheme. As such, the IMC always welcomes industry feedback on the Scheme, its programs and cattle issues in general. Industry can contact the IMC at any time through the Executive Officer. The IMC is keen to hear of the industry’s views on the risks and opportunities within the biosecurity arena, and members are available to participate in industry forums, meetings and field days to discuss the Schemes and answer any questions from industry.