Market opportunities for WA fruits

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Opportunities for WA fruits can be built by identifying export markets with the best potential return, underpinned by demand.

"The Market opportunities for WA fruits," report provides an overview of the overseas markets for selected fruits and identifies potential export opportunities for high quality fruits from WA.

Markets for seven fruits- apples, avocados, table grapes, melons, oranges, plums and strawberries - are analysed.


 The analysis answers the following questions.

  • What are the long term and short term import trends for the market?
  • Is it a viable market for WA product?
  • Is it a premium market?
  • Who are WA’s potential competitors?
  • Is there a premium segment that we can target?
  • Does WA have a seasonal advantage?
  • What is WA’s tariff position compared to other suppliers?
  • Does Australia already have a presence in this market?

Through answering these questions, the markets are rated as having ‘high, medium or low’ potential for the importation of each selected fruit. The report also identifies a number of high potential markets closed to WA produce. The complete analyses serve as a basis for WA’s market prioritisation work. 

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