Increasing business and technical skills for sheep producers and industry

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Barriers to adoption


  • to have a better understanding of the barriers to adoption for sheep producers to increase supply and improve efficiency of production
  • to develop detailed analysis and background knowledge on impacts of sheep in the farming business.


  1. Determined the contributors to current and proposed profitable sheep businesses:
  1. Investigated the social and business barriers to producers increasing investment in sheep production:
  • Barriers to Adoption desktop study (May 2016) – detailed analysis of previous studies commissioned by SIBI and Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) and other industry surveys on why producers are moving out of sheep

3. Researched new models for increasing production capacity on existing farms:

Outcomes and achievements

Price-cost analysis for out of season lamb production report was produced to increase producer confidence in adapting to new production systems and overcoming barriers to implementing an alternative system. Explored the feasibility of getting back into sheep with the development of the ‘cost of getting into sheep analysis’ . Inspired producers to look at the top 25 sheep producers for ideas to expand or improve their own enterprise through the ‘understanding the business of 25 top sheep producers analysis.

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