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Adoption of genetic technologies


  • to increase ram buyers' demand of ASBVs from stud breeders
  • to increase number of rams sold and studs with ASBVs.


  1. Supported greater participation by producers and breeders:
  • skills development activities – RamSelect (Sheep Genetics), Bred Well Fed Well (Meat and Livestock Australia) and DataSmart workshops (Sheep Genetics)
  • awareness and understanding activities – sheep field days, ram sales, forums, industry days, four ASBV case studies published and three media releases. (ASBV promotion and education with posters, handouts, app and networking one-on-one):
  1. Developed a strategy for adoption of ASBVs.

Outcomes and achievements

A comprehensive ‘Adoption of ASBVs’ strategy was completed and used to inform the approach for the rest of the project. Since the start of 2015 until the end of the project we had six RamSelect, three Bred Well Fed Well (BWFW), and five DataSmart workshops delivered to 100+ participants (plus two RamSelect and three BWFWs organised by other people). There was an increase in rams with ASBVs sold; by 18.5% from 2014 to 2016 (45.2% rams sold with ASBVs in 2016).

For further detail on this activity please visit the Adoption of Genetic Technologies webpage.

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