Sheep feeding and nutrition

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Effective grazing management in combination with efficient supplementary feeding will ensure the profitability and sustainability of the sheep enterprise. All aspects of animal and pasture management should aim to optimise this relationship.

The Department offers feed budgeting tools and resources as well as guidelines for effective feeding and pasture management.

Supplementary feeding

Sheep get their nutritional needs from pasture or through supplementary feed. Limiting a sheep’s diet can lead to:

  • poor development and growth
  • low reproduction
  • high mortality
  • increased risk of disease
  • poor wool growth.

Grazing management

Effective grazing management has the potential to improve the profitability and sustainability of your sheep enterprise. Grazing management can be used to:

  • manipulate the quality and quantity of pasture as well as composition
  • increase animal production efficiency and achieve production targets
  • reduce insect populations
  • ensure pasture persistence.


The following webpages provide information and advice on how to best manage your sheep and pasture enterprise during different times of the year. They include online calculators and tactics for different seasons.

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