Mixed storage of fruits and vegetables

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Tropical fruits and vegetables sensitive to cold

Store at 13oC and 85-90% relative humidity.

Products such as bananas and mangoes produce ethylene, and those that are sensitive to ethylene such as potatoes, should not be stored together. Items in the third column in the table below such as pumpkins can be stored for short periods with those in either of the first two columns.

Tropical fruits and vegetables sensitive to cold

Ethylene producers

Sensitive to ethylene

Able to be stored with
others for short periods

Banana Breadfruit Ginger
Cherimoya Jackfruit Grapefruit
Guava Potatoes Lemon
Mango   Mangosteen
Pawpaw   Pumpkin
Plantain   Soursop
Rambutan   Squash (hard shell)
Tomato (mature green)    

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