Mixed storage of fruits and vegetables

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Temperate fruits and vegetables not sensitive to cold

Store at 0oC and 90-100% relative humidity.

Products such as apples and apricots produce ethylene and those that are sensitive to ethylene such as artichokes and asparagus should not be stored together. Items in the third column in the table below can be stored for short periods with those in either of the first two columns.

Fruits and vegetables not sensitive to cold
Ethylene producers Sensitive to ethylene Able to be stored with
others for short periods
Apple Artichoke Beetroot
Apricot Asparagus Cherry
Fig Broccoli Coconut
Kiwifruit - ripe Brussels sprout Grapes
Nectarine Cabbage Kohl rabi
Peach Cauliflower Lychee
Pear Celery Mushroom
Plum Sweetcorn Parsnip
  Endive Pea
  Kiwifruit - unripe Persimmon
  Leafy greens - kale, Swiss chard Radish

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