Insect pests of vegetable brassicas in Western Australia

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Pest and beneficial insects: common and scientific names


Common name

Scientific name

African black beetle

Heteronychus arator

Apple weevil

Otiorhynchus cribricollis

Cabbage  aphid

Brevicoryne brassicae

Cabbage centre grub

Hellula hydralis

Cabbage white butterfly

Pieris rapae 

Common garden snail

Cornu aspersum


Agrotis sp.

Diamondback moth

Plutella xylostella 

European earwig

Forficula auricularia 

Green peach aphid

Myzus persicae

Heliothis: native budworm

corn earworm

Helicoverpa punctigera

H. armigera

Looper caterpillar

Chrysodeixis argentifera 

Onion maggot

Delia platura


Families Milacidae and Limacidae

Small lucerne weevil

Atrichonotus taeniatulus

Spotted vegetable weevil

Desiantha diversipes 

Staphylinid beetle

Family Staphylinidae

Turnip aphid

Lipaphis erysimi

Vegetable beetle

Gonocephalum sp.

Vegetable weevil

Listroderes difficilis 

Whitefringed weevil

Naupactus leucoloma

Beneficial agents

Common name

Scientific name

Apanteles wasp parasite

Apanteles ippeus

Aphid fungal disease

Not available

Aphid wasp parasites

Not available

Cabbage white butterfly larval/pupal parasite

Not available

Diadegma wasp parasite

Diadegma semiclausum

Diadromus wasp parasite

Diadromus collaris

Diamondback moth grub fungus

Zoophthora radicans

Hover fly

Family Syrphidae

Predatory ladybird

Family Coccinellidae


This information was originally compiled by Stewart Learmonth, Françoise Berlandier and Rachel Lancaster.