Insect pests of vegetable brassicas in Western Australia

Page last updated: Tuesday, 26 October 2021 - 7:20am

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Seasonality of pests

Pest monitoring and treatment calendar

This table indicates the times of year the major pests of vegetable brassicas are likely to be present.

Guide to the status of pests through the year, indicating periods of low, moderate and high pest activity. The status of each pest will vary across districts and monitoring is necessary to avoid unnecessary spraying .

This is a guide only:

  • Not all these pests will occur in your crop.
  • The status of each pest varies across districts.
  • Monitor throughout the year to avoid unnecessary or poorly timed spraying.

When to monitor pests within a crop cycle

The figure indicates the optimum time to monitor crops for brassica pests. Monitoring for weevils and beetles should begin before the crop is planted while monitoring for most larvae only begins after plants are established, either from seed or transplant


  • Monitoring and applying management options at the correct time will help to prevent damage to crops.
  • Continue to monitor regularly throughout the crop cycle.